Silver Bones and Snake Oil

Factions of Las Vegas

Awakened Factions

The Dreamwalkers – Free Council
Disciples of Mustamho. The last of the Mojave. They believe in restoring the Shadow in accord with Human ambition

The Gamemasters – Free Council
A small group of Libertine Mages who fight fire with fire against Supernatural Manipulation against Sleepers regarding their Fates and Possessions. THey Maintain the Nevada Gaming Commission as an Eleborate front allowing them to work against Seer and Pentacle alike.

The Quiet – Guardian and Mysterium
A small group of Acolytes that predominately keep to themselves. They all have vowed never to work Vulgar Magic and practise a new tradition call Quiet Magic.

The Players – Guardian
Hedonistic Mages that revel in the powers givin by the Supernal over the Fallen World. They also form the bulk of the Labrynth in Vegas

The Prideful – Mostly Silver Ladder
A conglomerate of the warring parties interested in Ruling the Pentacle of Vegas. They all have some hand in the complicated crime-world of Vegas.

Sons of Atom – Mysterium and some Arrow
Scholastic Zeolots researching the connection between the Supernal and the Fallen in terms of human wrought events. Specifically they research the creation of the Atom Bomb and the Arcanum of Forces.

The Dread Army – Arrow
A military force smoldering in the Airforce Base. Their nightly training has lead to a wide collection of Veil Breaches.

The Welcoming Committee – Mysterium
Fringe diplomats that seek to plumb the mysteries surrounding Outsider contact on Earth. Such as Roswell.

Non-Awakened Factions

Lupo Family – Organized Crime
Mostly obsolete Italian crime family, notable solely for counting an inexperienced Silver Ladder Mage among its members. Retains some ties to prostitution in the Vegas area.


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