Sköll - Naira Lupo

Crime Family Heiress


Short, petite blonde with a love of suits and traditionally male clothing. Pretty, but young enough looking that only magic or stealth gets her into R-Rated movies uncarded. Carries herself with a palpable sense of confidence.

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Musical Reference:
Emperor’s New Clothes
I’m the Bad Guy
Bad Guys

Weil Ich’s Kann!


You seem lost. Don’t worry, I know a shortcut.

The Lupo Family was once a major part of Las Vegas’ underworld, but times had been changing long before Don Fenne Lupo passed away. Naira Lupo, Fenne’s daughter, now holds the reigns of the nearly disintegrated criminal empire, her timely Awakening its only real hope of survival.

An enigma of sorts, much like all the other Mages native to Las Vegas in a Consilium so full of disgraced migrants, Sköll is one of many struggling to make a name for herself in Sin City. Her efforts further complicated by her relatively young age (she is “basically seventeen”), and her responsibilities to the Lupo Crime Family, Naira has reached out to the city’s Hierarch, as well as done her best to be subtle about her larger ambitions.

Clearly up to no good.

Sköll - Naira Lupo

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