Silver Bones and Snake Oil


First Mage of the Mojave

Early Life
Born as a Mohave son who earned the name Hi-wa itck among his people. Mustamho was a brave warrior who fought the Europeans off his ancestral lands. Spanish or English made no difference to him. For a decade after the end of his boyhood. He rode feircely against the incursains of the Westerners. Though skilled with a bow. Mustamho was not strong enough to lead his own raiding party. Even still, Mustamho thought himself content. That is until he took an injury in a skirmish in the dessert against mercenaries protecting European settlers. Despite receiving proper care, his deep wounds grew infected and he feared he would die without the honor of being able to protect his clan.

As fever took him, he began to dream. When he awoke. His fever was gone and his wounds were healed.

Not knowing what had occurred. Mustamho tried to return to his life as a rider. He quickly became something of a hero among his clan as he found he could now speak to his horse in such ways that he and his horse were of one mind.

Just as word spread of his newfound talent. A Shaman of a distant clan came to visit the elders. Mustamho was called into the place of meeting and told he was to leave with the Shaman and take up a new role in life. Mustamho was dejected. He enjoyed the notoriety among his people and did want give up their praise to become the student of some strange Shaman. The Shaman warned Mustamho that his talents might draw unwanted attention. Mustamho would hear not of this and stormed out.

Shortly after a scout returned with word European cattle herders roaming close to sacred lands with their unclean animals. The son of the Chief rallied up a war band to drive the cattle herds away and Mustamho rode with them.

The Boot Heel Ranch Massacre

Following the Call
Mustamho agreed and soon the two left the village behind them. Wandering the wastes. Mustamho began his initiation as a Dreamspeaker. This Legacy dominated the Awakened culture of the Native American Peoples. The Mohave were no different. It is understood each Tribal structure held its own personal Legacy. The secretive nature of the Legacy means little is known about these legends.

Mustamho began his journey into the Dream, first with his mentor at his side. And eventually on his own.

Coyote and the Dreamborn

Lost in Dreamtime

Advent of Steam
Age had caught up with the shaman and his people were decimated. His time spent roaming the wilds of the world meant he missed the death of a generation of the Mohave people. Mustamho was heartbroken.

Despondent, he found himself wandering the desert unsure what his purpose should be. By chance, word of a young white-man able to speak with spirits. Mustamho meditated on this for a time. Without his people, he would not be able to find a new initiate to continue his Lineage. Mustamho faced the death of his Legacy.
Yet, could a European even take the Calling? Mustamho was torn. Meanwhile, word of the young man grew more dire. He was ranch-hand and his exposure to the Spirit made him a target for manipulation and aggression from the Shadow. Mustamho decided he should at least take the young Thyrsus under his tutelage.


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